Is the food we eat making us sick? Deficient soil = deficient food = sick people.

Food ain’t what it used to be! Let me share just a few observations and facts from science.

  1.  Bio Lo supermarkets in Aust are promoting “no added hormone” in their beef. What that does that mean? They didn’t add any to the beef, just to the feed the farmer fed the cow! The cows have plenty of their own! Nutrient levels in soil studies:
  2. Organic vs conventional –

Nutritional change over 50yrs.
Note especially that Phosphorus has not changed but every other mineral tested decreased suggesting the high use of super phosphate. Have you noticed the amount of mineral supplements use phosphates? Do we need to give more phosphate to people who already have a disproportionate amount of phosphorus in them already!
Water content has increased, dry matter decreased. This study went to 1980, 22yrs ago. What is it like in 2012!
It has been said that there is no such thing as disease, only nutritional deficiencies.

3.  I have an interest in, and qualification in horticulture as well as natural therapies, which has lead me to see that nutrient deficient soil leads to nutrient deficient plants that are susceptible to disease just like people. I am led more and more to the conclusion that it is the disease and nutrient deficiency in plants that lead to problems we are having with certain foods and food groups, such as grains. Alfatoxin on wheat is resulting reactions such as allergies in people who eat them. People who make sour dough bread are finding that their cultures are “going bad” as a result of the wrong culture coming from the wheat. Some have found that this does not tend to happen with old variety grains such as kamut and spelt. They also find that if they ozonate the wheat it helps. Those who buy their own wheat and grind it themselves (such as my wife) often find the wheat berries very small indicating poor quality.
4.   Isn’t is logical that animals fed plants that are deficient will be deficient also and their flesh, and products will be prone to disease and nutrient deficient? Isn’ t this what we are seeing today?

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